Modern Cat furniture created with a Cat in mind



Our unique system allows the scratching columns to be mounted on top of each other so that it becomes a tall & stable climbing tree

Playful Cat - happy Cat

Modern Cat furniture created with a Cat in mind

Katmanu offers an exceptionally stable system designed to withstand your Cat‘s wildest games.

More stability means more self-confidence for the Kitty!

We are not relinquishing any scratching column space!

  • Wide surface – less temptation to scratch your sofa corner
  • Tall column – your Cat is able to stretch fully
  • Stable – more safety & comfort for your Kitty


Katmanu is designed to have spacious rest areas for your Cat. 

More nooks to take a nap. 

Spacious cat furniture


The modular system allows you to increase or decrease the size and the setup at any time. 

Add to it over the years!

Here is what our furry clients have to say about katmanu

100% made in Europe

We believe that local businesses should support each other and we strive for that. That’s why we work with the local community to create katmanu.

Save the planet! Don't throw it away!

We all know that a scratching post is usually the first part that gets damaged in your little lion’s way.

Since katmanu is modular, you don’t need to change the whole furniture set, you can change the scratching post only. What’s more – we are going to offer a REFURBISHING service* for all EGLĖ scratching posts we deliver.

*available in the EU.


All parts of katmanu are covered with Eco-friendly water base paints.

We do not forget

Our beloved Kitty Chingis, the main reason for and the primary tester of katmanu, has arrived to us from a local Cat shelter. 

We want to improve the well-being of all Cats therefore, we are committed to donating at least 2% (of each sale) to local shelters. 

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