Fully modular family

The fully-modular family contains separate modules & accessories that can all be connected to each other on all sides and even on top.

Our fully-modular furniture allows you to:

  • Connect, disconnect and reconnect the modules to change your setup
  • Add, remove, or change the accessories and their placement easily
  • Change the upholstered pads to change the colour whenever you want

Modules or accessory connection possibilities

Setup/model example

Semi-modular family

The semi-modular family is built as stand-alone furniture for your furry companion, but it retains the spirit of the fully modular family.

Our semi-modular furniture allows you to:

  • Change the upholstered pads to change the colour whenever you want
  • Connect it to the fully-modular family
  • Use some of the accessories from the fully-modular family 

Where you can connect KARKLAS model to the fully modular family

See this full introduction to katmanu:

psst… This video has sound. 

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