UOSIS – a four-level Cat mansion

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UOSIS – a four-level Cat mansion

  • Plenty of comfy areas to take a nap
  • A scratching column that your Kitty can trust
  • Keeps your Cat healthy and prevents injuries
  • Soft to touch and easy to care for
  • Functional and easily adaptable
  • Saves money in the long term

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Choose your 3 options: 

  • Cotton
  • Sisal
  • Anthracite
  • Creamy White
  • Anthracite
  • Creamy White
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Model UOSIS is a massive mansion from katmanu modular system for true Cat lovers. It is a four-level cat house that has a tall climbing column. 

The fully modular family consists of modules and accessories that can be easily connected and disconnected. This system provides you with:

  • functional modern furniture for your Kitty
  • a possibility to add to your furniture in the future (for example turn TUJA into UOSIS)
  • an opportunity to easily match it to your interior
  • a chance to change some accessories without changing the whole furniture – make long-term savings.

The 153cm tall climbing column trains your Kitty’s muscles and keeps it healthy.

The platforms are set up like stairs to prevent injuries while jumping down. It allows your Cat to climb down without fear.

Carefully selected pet-friendly upholstery is exceptionally soft to touch and easy to care for – simply vacuum those Cat hairs with a standard vacuum cleaner.

The 76 x 17cm scratching column is exceptionally comfortable. Your Cat is able to fully stretch during this ordinary routine.

The main platform with the Cat bed (61x38cm) has more than enough space for many sleeping positions – just what your Kitty likes!

Your Cat can trust the 66 kg of UOSIS – it is as stable as a rock.


You may choose from 8 different variations of UOSIS.


  • the type of rope on the Cat scratcher
  • the colour of the upholstered pads
  • the colour of Cat bed SAMANA


UOSIS includes:

KATMANU base segmentBase module BUKAS x 1pc.

KATMANU moduleModule BUKAS x 3pc.

KATMANU moduleBase module KLEVAS x 1pc.

KATMANU moduleModule KLEVAS x 1pc.


KATMANU scratching pillarCat scratcher ELGĖ x 2pc.

KATMANU cat sleeping bedBed SAMANA x 1pc.



Additional information

Weight 67.5 kg
Dimensions 61.1 × 96.2 × 157 cm
Column rope

Cotton, Sisal

Pads upholstery colour

Anthracite, Creamy White

Cat bed color

Anthracite, Creamy White

4 reviews for UOSIS – a four-level Cat mansion

  1. Gertrude

    Now this looks like a real mansion! I like it a lot!

  2. Elbert

    Our kitty Bobo likes to climb curtains – this huge tree looks like it could help to solve this problem 😀

  3. ADELE

    Works perfect for my Trudi 😀 Especially I like that we will be able to change the color of it in future!

  4. Tomas

    Can’t wait to be delivered! Mitsy’s old scratcher is fully destroyed 😀

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