KARKLAS – a modern cat tree for sleeping & scratching

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KARKLAS – a modern cat tree for sleeping & scratching

  • Modern Cat furniture produced with the Cat in mind
  • A bed designed for the Cat
  • Comfy areas to take a nap
  • A scratching column that your Kitty can trust
  • Soft to touch fabric that’s easy to care for

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Choose your 3 options: 

  • Cotton
  • Sisal
  • Anthracite
  • Creamy White
  • Anthracite
  • Creamy White
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KARKLAS model is a semi-modular model of katmanu. It is a two-level cat tree that has a tall and wide scratching pillar and a designated Cat bed.

The semi-modular furniture of katmanu works as separate furniture but it may still be connected to a fully modular family at one side.

It provides you with:

  • stand-alone modern Cat furniture made with the Cat in mind
  • a possibility to connect to a fully modular family
  • a chance to change upholstered pads at any time
  • an opportunity to replace or add some accessories from the fully modular family

Carefully selected pet-friendly upholstery is exceptionally soft to touch and easy to care for – simply vacuum those Cat hairs with a standard vacuum cleaner.

Cat-approved design of bed SAMANA calms your purr friend and reduces its anxiety.

The 76 x 17cm scratching column is exceptionally comfortable. Your Cat is able to fully stretch during this ordinary routine.

The main platform with the Cat bed (61x38cm) has more than enough space for many sleeping positions – just what your Kitty likes!

Your Cat can trust the 18kg of KARKLAS – it is as stable as a rock.

You may choose from 8 different variations of KARKLAS .


  • the type of rope on the Cat scratcher
  • the color of the upholstered pads
  • the color of Cat bed SAMANA


KARKLAS includes:

Semi-modular KARKLAS body with changeable upholstered pads x 1pc.

KATMANU cat sleeping bed Bed SAMANA x 1pc.


Additional information

Weight 16.6 kg
Dimensions 61.1 × 38.1 × 96 cm
Column rope

Cotton, Sisal

Pads upholstery colour

Anthracite, Creamy White

Cat bed color

Anthracite, Creamy White

9 reviews for KARKLAS – a modern cat tree for sleeping & scratching

  1. Amelia

    The scratching pillar looks more than enough for our Bernardo! Can’t wait to receive it! 😍

  2. Arnold

    Our little lion loves to sleep in it 🙂

  3. Joshua

    Will this model be able to connect to others in future?

    • katmanu

      Thank you for a question, Joshua 🙂 Yes it is possible to connect KARKLAS to other models. Ir is semi-modular model, which means that you may connect it from one side. You can see how it works here: https://www.katmanu.com/introduction/

  4. Maja

    This looks something new! I am sure my Spätzle will love it :))

  5. Sara

    One of the best cat scratchers & bed I’ve ever seen! 😍

  6. Valdas

    Looks amazing. What colors I can choose?

    • katmanu

      Hi Valdas. Currently you can choose from antracite and creamy white colors of cloth. You can see both colors at product level. 😉

  7. Clara

    Nice! Is it possible to see it in some physical store in Denmark?

    • katmanu

      Thanks for question, Clara. Not yet. Meanwhile we are available only here at www.katmanu.com, but we accept returns if KARKLAS will not satisfy you 😉

  8. Frederik

    Do you deliver at the door?

    • katmanu

      Hi Frederik. Yes we do – we use standard delivery partners like DHL, DPD etc.. 😉

  9. Elias

    Do you ship to Germany?

    • katmanu

      Sure we do. We do ship to all EU countries and few others. You will find out this during the ordering procedure 😉

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